Multiband Studios

We are dedicated to bringing high quality & innovative production to theatre, film, and live entertainment. It takes our team of artists and entrepreneurs-of-color to create the future empire of Multiband Studios.


To provide high-quality multidisciplinary,  production services to enterprises and projects both small and large. Multiband Studios is a generator of limitless opportunities for creatives to explore and master their artistic passions.

Our team members are currently sound gurus. However, our vision is much more expansive. Every day we are growing, aiming to be a full-scale production empire. Our creative experts will span from audio, lights, projection, health, photography, building design and more.



Culture and trust is everything to us. No matter the assignment, our team will always be remembered for being approachable, dependable, and crazy talented. Our most heard phrase is "I never expected you to be this good for your age." 


"This one is simple. We promise to be great and make you greater. If and when we achieve this, we all rise beyond our wildest dreams."

- Chris Lane

Executive Director, Multiband Studios