Chris Lane

C. Lane is the President and “The Heartbeat” of Multiband Studios. A Music Producer, Songwriter, DJ, Teacher, AEA Actor, and Sound Designer; Chris keeps the beat of the team together with his innovative ideas, influential charm, and ability to pull the light out of any and everyone around him. Born in Baltimore, MD and now based in Atlanta, Ga, he is the leader of MTB team development workshops and consistently working to expand Multiband into other creative disciplines. Chris has served as Sound Designer and Audio Engineer for various productions across the nation. Some of his design work and original compositions include Ghost and DATA at Alliance Theatre, Four Women and Skeleton Crew at True Color's Theatre Company, Pipeline and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime at Horizon Theatre, An Octoroon and The Brother's Size at Actor's Express, The 39 Steps and A Christmas Carol at Theatre Buford, Hands of Color at Synchronicity Theatre (GA)  Skeleton Crew at Westport Country Playhouse (CT), Too Heavy for Your Pocket at George Street Playhouse (NJ), Four Little Girls and Ruby at Alabama Shakespeare Festival (AL), The Royale and The Children at The Kitchen Theatre Company (NY), Detroit 67’ at Virginia Stage Company (VA), and Incendiary at The Kennedy Center (DC) to name a few. He is also a proud Teaching Artist with Alliance Theatre, Co-Founder at Run Arts LLC, and professional graphic designer with a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business.

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Rashaad Pierre

R. Pierre is "The Spark" of Multiband Studios.” As a writer, musician and lyricist, Rashaad has the ability to passionately bring out the specificity, integrity and catharsis from every project he works on and every person he works with. Based in Atlanta, GA, Rashaad was recently the Audio Engineer for the national tour of Set It Off Live On Stage and recently worked as the Sound Designer for A Hundred Words for Snow at Theatrical Outfit,In My Granny's Garden and Sounds of the West End at Alliance Theatre, and The Importance of Being Earnest at Theatre Buford. He has served as the Assistant Sound Designer for Paradise Blue at Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre Company and The 39 Steps at Theatre Buford, as well as the Audio Engineer for Warpaint at Atlanta Lyric Theatre and The Sleepy Hollow Experience. In addition, he produces inspiring multi-dimensional music in his free time under his personal brand. As a founding member of Multiband Studios, he enjoys the feeling of being challenged and collaborating with others. He recently graduated from The University of Georgia with a BA in Communications. Rashaad is an all-star team member and intricate piece to MTB’s continuous growth. 


Lorenzo Moore

L. Moore is “The Equalizer” to Multiband Studios, not only does he have an insane ability to equalize the right frequencies to ensure high-quality audio, but he also balances the team with his knowledge of lyricism, composing, studio production, and engineering. Born and based in Atlanta, GA, Lorenzo served as the Sound Designer for The Roommate at Aurora Theatre, and Assistant Sound Designer for The Brother’s Size at Actor's Express. He is currently on Multiband’s audio team for the national tour of Set It Off Live On Stage. Beyond work and still work, Lorenzo can be found making music and spitting rhymes under his pseudonym ‘Renny On the 1’. 

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Johnathan Taylor (J.T.)

J.T. is “The Key” to Multiband Studios. An underrated genius producer and pianist, J.T. is the connecting piece to MTB. He unlocks and elevates the creations of the team through his attention to detail and innovative musicianship. Based in Atlanta, GA, JT has served as the Composer and Co-Sound Designer for Alliance Theatre's Knock Knock, a Composer on Alliance Theatre's Sounds of the West End, the Co-Sound Designer for Mirandy and Brother Wind at Synchronicity Theatre, the Assistant Sound Designer for The Importance of Being Earnest at Theatre Buford and the on-site sound supervisor for short film's Transmission and What Now. In addition, he is an Actor and has been in various theatre and independent film productions around the city. This is only the beginning for this bright star.


Jeremiah Davison

J. Davison is the Vice President and “The Engine” of Multiband Studios. Known as the man who can get anything done; he is a producer, director, actor, sound designer, audio engineer and has the uncanny ability to keep everyone on task and ensure that MTB remains up and running. Born in Flint, Michigan and based in Atlanta, GA, Jeremiah has served as the Audio Engineer for The Color Purple at Actors’ Express, the Associate Sound Designer for Skeleton Crew at Westport Country Playhouse, Too Heavy for Your Pocket at George Street Playhouse, and had the dual role of Audio Engineer and Sound Designer for Head Over Heels at Actors’ Express, Bring It On: The Musical at Kennesaw State University, Ella Enchanted and Mirandy and Brother Wind at Synchronicity Theatre, and for Step Afrika’s national tour of Drumfolk. When not behind a mixing console, Jeremiah is producing short films, directing new plays, or being the audio/visual wizard for live-streamed events. He is a University of West Georgia and Georgia State Perimeter College alum and a founding member of Multiband Studios. Words do not suffice, but MTB would not be MTB without Davison on the frontlines. Check out his personal website here.


Mikaela Fraser

M. Fraser is "The Prodigy" of Multiband Studios, through her ambition to learn, attention to detail and love for sound, Mikaela brings the ultimate skill and work ethic that any production would crave to have again and again. Based in Atlanta, GA, Mikaela has been the Sound Designer for Good Bad People at True Colors Theatre Company, Co-Sound Designer for Water By the Spoonful at KSU, and the Audio Engineer and Assistant Sound Designer for Once at Horizon Theatre, Ella Enchanted at Synchronicity Theatre and Bring it On: The Musical at Kennesaw State University. As a founding member of Multiband Studios, she enjoys the team work and support that is brought to each show. Mikaela is currently attending Kennesaw State University as a junior and is a true team player and a tremendous asset to the success of MTB.

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Aleeya Peeples

A. Peeples is “The Secret Weapon” of Multiband Studios and the newest official member of the Multiband team, Aleeya has had one of the fastest growth curves of any of our members, quickly adapting and leading any situation she has been put in. Based in Atlanta, Ga, she has worked as the Assistant Sound Designer for School Girls; or The African Mean Girls Play at Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre Company, Pipeline at Marietta’s New Theatre in the Square, and Who Will Sing for Lena at Clark Atlanta University. Fun fact, she is also a licensed Hair Stylist and ensures that MTB members look great when on the job. Once you have this gravitational force on your team, you won’t want to let her go. 


Hakeem Frazier

Hakeem Frazier is “The X Factor” to Multiband Studios. Equipped with a passion for film, a heart for music, and a spirit for gaming, Hakeem is able to step into any situation and fly to the greatest heights. After beginning his journey in technical theater in high school, he then applied his talents working for Atlanta Audio Visual, Real Eyes Productions, Insintric, and even Major League Soccer to name a few. His experience on a film set is vast and his knowledge of film production is backed by his expected degree in Film & Media Studies and a Georgia Film Academy Minor from Georgia State University. Hakeem has been intricately involved in several Multiband Studios’ projects working alongside founders Chris Lane and Jeremiah Davison and is looking forward to boldly creating the future of the film industry.