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Kitchen Theatre Company

February  2022

Sound Designer:  Johnathan Taylor

At her first TV writing job, Lucia, a Mexican-born novelist, struggles to make new friends, contribute to her writers room, and feel at home as the only Latinx employee in a white male-dominated workplace. Lucia comes to befriend Abel, a Mexican American custodian who works the night shift while she stays late hours. As their friendship grows, his personal stories start to blur with her TV scripts leading to unexpected consequences. Charming and poignant, this fast-paced dramedy is a calculated climb from common ground to the top of the ladder.

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Theatrical Outfit

February  2022

Sound Designer:  Chris Lane

What if life came with a rewind button? Pulitzer Prize finalist Tanya Barfield brings the world a kaleidoscopic new play about love, heartbreak, skydiving and the infinite moments that make a relationship. Bright Half Life shares the four-and-a-half-decade story of Vicky and Erica, who meet, fall in love, and go through all the trials and tribulations of marriage and building a family. Pause. Rewind. Fast forward. And hold on to “A Well-Written, Engaging Portrayal Of Smart Women Finding Themselves And Each Other” (The New Yorker).

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Atlanta Lyric Theatre

February  2022

Sound Designer:  Mikaela Fraser

Assistant Sound Engineer: Mikaela Fraser

BEEHIVE celebrates the powerful female voices of the 1960’s with such timeless hits as “My Boyfriend’s Back,” “Be My Baby,” “Son of a Preacher Man,” “Proud Mary,” and “Me and Bobby McGee.” Told from the perspective of six young women who come of age in this enigmatic decade, BEEHIVE takes us from their first Beehive Dance to the challenges we faced as a nation. Audiences will want to dance in the aisles as this show never stops moving and grooving with music by the most famous female performers of the 1960’s.



Flint Repertory 

February  2022

Directed by: Jeremiah Davison

Sound Designer:  Mikaela Fraser

Lighting Designer: Jasmine Williams

As the water crisis in Flint, Michigan begins to make national headlines, a young couple struggling to make ends meet scrambles to fight for a better future for their daughter– even if it means losing everything they have. Developed in Flint Rep’s 2020 New Works Festival.



Actor's Express

January 2022

Sound Designer:  Chris Lane

Assistant Sound Designer: Kate Hoang

Lighting Designer: Toni Sterling

In 1905 New York, an independent woman named Esther creates beautiful lingerie for clients that range from white society mavens on the Upper East Side to prostitutes in the Tenderloin district. As she works toward her dream of opening a beauty salon for Black women, she earns the trust, respect and friendship of her diverse customers. And when she enters into a romantic correspondence with a mysterious pen pal, her quest for empowerment and self-actualization takes unexpected turns. A landmark play from MacArthur Genius Grant recipient and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage.



Lyric Theatre

August 2021

Sound Designer:  Chris Lane

Sound Engineer: Mikaela Fraser

Lighting Designer: Toni Sterling

With the houselights down, a man in a chair appears on stage and puts on his favorite record: the cast recording of a fictitious 1928 musical. The recording comes to life and The Drowsy Chaperone begins as the man in the chair looks on. Mix in two lovers on the eve of their wedding, a bumbling best man, a desperate theatre producer, a not-so-bright hostess, two gangsters posing as pastry chefs, a misguided Don Juan and an intoxicated chaperone, and you have the ingredients for an evening of madcap delight.



Actor's Express

August 2021

Sound Designer:  Mikaela Fraser

On the eve of Olympic qualifying trials, a champion swimmer’s future rests in the balance. If he makes the team he will sign a lucrative endorsement deal worth millions. But when performance-enhancing drugs are found in his team’s locker room fridge, he must tread water past the rumors to avoid losing it all. With rapid-fire dialogue that builds to an electrifying, twist-filled climax, Red Speedo will leave you breathless. From the acclaimed author of A Doll’s House Part 2 and The Christians.

Fires in the Mirror Atlanta Multiband Studios


Theatrical Outfit

June 2021

Sound Designer:  Mikaela Fraser

Asst. Sound Designer:  Jeremiah Davison

How do you plan for a reckoning? Theatrical Outfit will commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Crown Heights riot by bringing Anna Deavere Smith’s (Shonda Rhimes’ For The People) documentary theatre masterpiece to life with soaring theatricality. Taken directly from a series of interviews with over fifty members of the Jewish and Black communities following the historic riots, Fires In The Mirror turns their voices into a tour de force one-woman show starring January LaVoy. 

Shape Ithaca Multiband Studios


Kitchen Theatre

June 2021

Sound Designer:  Chris Lane

Meet Puppy, a 47-year-old lifelong East Coast woman who moves to Texas and learns to get strong. Built on adrenaline, determination, transformation, and sweat, this play cracks open fresh conversations about how we relate to our bodies and what we’re capable of accomplishing. Come see Puppy lift weights live on stage in this wildly hilarious, riotously honest, and uniquely feminist new play. This play also features the best workout playlist you’ve heard. And FYI: laughing burns calories. Watching this play will burn 40 calories and work your abs.

A Hundred Words for Snow Atlanta Multiband Studios


Theatrical Outfit

March 2021

Sound Designer:  Rashaad Pierre

Asst. Sound Designer:  C Lane

How do you plan for adventure? 15-year-old Rory’s father always wanted to be an Arctic explorer, but had to settle for being a geography teacher in suburban England. When he dies suddenly in an accident, Rory decides to honor her dad’s lifelong dream and to take his ashes on one last, great expedition to the North Pole. Direct from a sold-out run on London’s West End, Tatty Hennessy’s epic and hilarious A Hundred Words For Snow will take you on an unforgettable journey through love, loss, and endless snow.

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Theatre for the

Very Young (TVYA)

Alliance Theatre

2020-2021 Season

Sound Designers & Audio Editors:

C Lane, Rashaad Pierre & Johnathan Taylor

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In My Granny's Garden

September 15 - October 31


December 8 - January 31

Sounds of the West End.png

The Sounds of the West End

March 2 - April 30


The Curious Cardinal
October 12 - May 31



Alliance Theatre

Fall 2021

Co-Sound Designer:  Lorenzo Moore

Co-Sound Designer:  C Lane

"Originally commissioned by the New Black Fest in response to the 2015 events in Ferguson, MO, where a police officer fatally shot Michael Brown, an unarmed Black teenager, Hands Up is comprised of separate monologues written by seven Black playwrights. The play depicts the realities of Black America from the perspective of varying genders, sexual orientations, skin tones, and socioeconomic backgrounds.​"

A Very Terry Christmas Atlanta Multiband Studios

"From Broadway icon Terry Burrell (Ethel; Ever After; Angry, Raucous, and Shamelessly Gorgeous) comes a holiday celebration of all the things that give us joy – even in the most chaotic of times. Terry will take us on a tour of her favorite Atlanta destinations while sharing her personal holiday stories and songs in this pre-recorded streaming production. Give yourself the gift of laughter, light, and love by spending a very Terry evening with the Alliance Theatre.​"

Sound Designer & Mixer:  C Lane

Asst. Sound Designer:  Mikaela Fraser

Alliance Theatre

November 27 - December 31


Neat Atlanta Multiband Studios

Filmed & Edited By: Multiband Studios

Directors of Photography:

Divie Moss & Charles Robinson

Co-Sound Designers:

Jeremiah L. Davison & C Lane

Actor's Express

November 07- 22




University of West Georgia

September 2020

Sound Designer: Jeremiah L. Davison

Post-Production Audio: Multiband Studios



Kennesaw State University

November 2020

Co-Sound Designer:  Mikaela Fraser

Co-Sound Designer:  C Lane

"This Pulitzer prize-winning play charts multiple paths towards recovery for characters who are haunted by war, drug addiction, and broken families. As the play travels between online and real worlds, we are reminded that human connections and authentic relationships in both worlds rescue us from despair and make us whole."

Downtown Dialogues.png


Theatrical Outfit

Autumn 2020

Sound Designers: 

C Lane, Jeremiah L. Davison,

Rashaad Pierre & Mikaela Fraser

"Downtown Dialogues is a four-part series of digital readings, each followed by a live video podcast in which a panel of experts and special guests dive deep into the play and its themes hosted by journalist and writer Gail O’Neill."

The Children directed by Susan Booth

Flex directed by Tinashe Kajese-Bolden

Eureeka Day directed by January LaVoy

Stew directed by Ibi Owolabi


Kennesaw State University

October 2020

Sound Designer:  Mikaela Fraser

"A poetic and athletic play about rock-climbing.

Faced with a painful chapter in her life and fighting the inertia of depression, Emm decides to enter the world of competitive rock-climbing. Her quest through the rugged and humorous terrain of physical training and personal relationships charts the journey of a young woman suspended between love and loss, strength and fear, and the ardor and grace of being human."


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Synchronicity Theatre


Sound Designer:  Chris Lane

Asst. Sound Designer:  Mikaela Fraser

"Adapted for the stage by Lydia R. Diamond, this is the powerful story of Pecola Breedlove, an African-American girl who believes that all the obstacles in her life could be overcome if she just had blue eyes. Gripping, thoughtful, and stunning, THE BLUEST EYE offers a poignant experience for audience members familiar and unfamiliar with this classic novel. "



"Inspired by the Stono Rebellion of 1739, Drumfolk explores this little-known event in history that would forever transform African American life and culture. When Africans lost the right to use their drums, the beats found their way into the body of the people, the Drumfolk. Step Afrika! brings to this show across the country featuring distinct performance traditions like ring shout, tap, and step."

Sound Designer & Engineer: 

Jeremiah L. Davison

Step Afrika! National Tour

Jan. 2020 - until


Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 3.23.54 PM.png

Audio Supervisor: Chris Lane

Audio Engineer: Rashaad Pierre

Audio Stagehand: Lorenzo Moore

Set it Off 1.jpg


Je'Caryous Ent. National Tour

Feb. 2020 - until

"Je’Caryous Johnson presents Set It Off based on the hit iconic movie by the same name. This hit heist, cult classic stage play is coming to your city. The same iconic characters – Frankie, Tisean (T.T.), Stoney and Cleo are back bringing action packed, adrenaline filled robbery scenes and emotionally charged antics against an equally exciting music soundtrack that will have you on the edge of your seat."




Boom Operator: Johnathan Taylor

Music Composer: C Lane

Sound Designer: C Lane


Writer: C Lane

Director: Jeremiah L. Davison

Original Score: Johnaton Taylor

Director of Photography: Divie Moss

A Multiband Studios Original


Sound Mixer: C Lane

Foley: C Lane & Rashaad Pierre

Sound FX: Rashaad Pierre & Hakeem Fraiser